Find Suppliers of Pressure Gauges, Gas Regulators and Thermometers


Since over 100 years ago, pressure gauges have become a dependable source of perfect weight measurement. The right selection of a gauge depends on following a few steps that a manufacturer of pressure gauges is aware of. But every manufacture doesn’t follow what is needed for making gauges.


If you are looking for the right Supplier of pressure and temperature instruments, then first of all search online. The directories that contain the names of the manufacturers will help you find not only one but many who deal with systems, panels, gauges and meters, and enclosures. However, before you select any one of them, you need a few considerations like the use of gauge, size, and function of the system.


There is a huge list of manufacturers of gauges and panels who are reputed for their testing quality and standardization instruments for pressure. They make different types of instruments for different systems of gauges. So, if you are looking for a manufacturer of pressure measurements, then you must search for the top names in the industry.


A professional laboratory is efficient to handle all these instruments. The manufacturers provide the testing and calibration services in their well-settled testing labs where you can test your electrical or electronics measurement instrument.


If a company you choose carries a long history of gauge production, you needn’t worry about their production quality. But some newly-established manufacturers produce a cheaper and inferior quality of products. Words of mouth or a bit of online research can help you choose the best.


The selection features discussed here, though not exhaustive, are surely helpful to select the right manufacturer of pressure gauges and other related tools.


Gauge Accuracy

Pressure gauge accuracy ranges are defined either as a fraction of the full-scale range or as a proportion of the length. With the increase in the accuracy of the gauge, the price differs. Therefore, the application where the gauge is necessary should be decided carefully.


Gauge Dial

Gauge dials come in a range of sizes from 1.5″ to 16 ” diameters. The space limitations and accuracy requirements determine the dial size.


Connection Size

You also have to think about the connection size when choosing the manufacturer of pressure gauges. If you’re going to replace a gauge, you want to be aware of the existing connection size.


The Surroundings

Environmental factors can determine performance. So, to select a pressure gauge, you must take into consideration the airborne particles, the surrounding temperature, compression, moisture, water part, and chemicals.


Process Media/Wetted Parts

Proper selection of the pressure gauge material is dependent on the process fluid to which the gauge is liable. The manufacturer of pressure gauges takes care of materials of the gauge that should be well-matched with the fluid process so that corrosion will not occur.


Apart from all these said above, there are other factors that the manufacturer of pressure gauges takes care of: connection location, pressure sensor elements, and many more.