Manufacturer Of Pressure Gauges And More

October 18, 2021 , Pressure Gauge


Ashcroft is the world’s leading manufacturer of pressure gauges and thermometers and many related accessories. They are known for their high quality products and service. They are a leading supplier of testing and measurement systems, instrumentation and safety systems and instruments. Their product range includes gas regulators and thermometers, panels gauges and meters and enclosures. Their websites provide all information about their products and services.

There are different types of gauging instruments available that include gas, thermometers, air flow meters, gas and fuel gauges, radio transmitters and thermocouple systems. These gauge instruments can be used for various purposes such as in the aerospace industry, industrial, scientific, healthcare and manufacturing industries. They can measure and record the pressure and temperatures of gases, liquids and even matter. They can transmit digital data to computers or a control system. They have been designed for specific applications and they perform in a highly efficient manner.

The Ashford company has been supplying precision engineered and quality products to the building and industrial industries for over three decades. They manufacture high quality gas and liquid analyzers, automatic air flow meters, panel gauges, gas and fuel gauged enclosures, strain gauges, thermometers and remote monitors. They are a reliable supplier for the engineering industry that includes aerospace, power generation, manufacturing and automotive industries. They are dedicated to customer service, product development, technical assistance and sales. Ashford also manufactures non-performal thermometers and remote diagnostic probe thermometers.